Are Blogs Still Essentials For Business In 2020?


Blogging was not a familiar term even five years before from today. The world knew about blogging to be something like sharing their views on something. However, standing today, the conception has changed massively and ‘blogging’ gave businesses a new level.

We all know how stereotyped ads on websites are a matter of disdain to the audience. Based on a report, one out of ten people show interest in any pop-up or banner advertisement. Now, you know how important it is to propagate your company’s products or services to grow bigger tomorrow. Marketing, as what we call it, relied solely on such disruptive ads, which stopped responding in today’s world.

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A blog came to the scene, changed the scenario, and brought a new game in the field of marketing. So, if you want to know if blogs are still essential for businesses in 2020, then do read on –

Your Blogs Speak For Your Brand to Your Customers

Nearly 55% of business owners of today have chosen ‘blogging’ to be the best strategy for marketing. Blogging is not just a way of advertising your products or services but is more than that. When you write a quality blog, you let your audience know about your product in detail. They connect with your service through the lines of your blog.

It means that excellent blogs give an excellent impression of your services to the customers. It helps your customers build a strong bond with your brand even before purchasing any product or service.

Blogging Shows Your Customers That You Value Them

First, you are not disturbing your customers with disgusting ads when they are hovering surfing somewhere. Second, you are showing them that your brand values their customers, which sends a positive vibe to your buyers.

With blogging, you are letting them have a piece of your cake for free even before buying it. It gives your consumers the freedom to understand about your items or services. Most of the time, decent blogging paves the way for brand loyalty by attracting new customers.

Blogging Lays the Foundation to Your Company’s Credibility

Not every brand out there has global recognition like Apple, Coca Cola, Dominos, or Nike. To your customers, you are just a new brand out there in the market. So, how will you build trust in them or how will you increase credibility? Well, blogging does them both for your company and it is more influential than random ads.

When any consumer opens your blog, they go through everything your brand has to offer. Maybe you are just a startup brand but your approach to potential customers makes them believe in you. Creating actionable and relevant blogs can get your business to the next level gradually. Yes, it will do take time, but in the long run, your brand will shine.

Blogging Is Like A Nuclear Weapon to Boost SEO

Here comes one of the biggest benefits of blogging – SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the factor that will decide your website’s fate in Google or any major Search Engines. Boosting it will develop your website’s ranking and you know what, blogging does help in that.

To clarify, if you write meaningful blogs with the most appropriate keywords, your website’s SEO will develop drastically. The SEO algorithms will find your blog to be pretty useful and to-the-point with lucid keywords. Well, when you reach this stage, your business is just about to rock and roll.

Blogging Works As a Passive Marketing Strategy Too

Not always you read a blog because you were searching for the company. Most of the time, we take a blog as content that redirects us to the brand. If you read a blog about the best food dishes to have on a Saturday night, maybe you will end up booking one from the restaurant.

This means blogging also works as a passive mode of marketing for your brand, which is awesome. Besides that, blogging is still a better option than traditional advertising methods. A blog does not force a customer to check out your products but it attracts the customer to do that.

Concluding everything, yes you can treat blogging to be essential in 2020. It does a great job in the advertising of your brand. 

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